In 1995 Zimek Machine Industry took steps to machine manufacturing in the area of textile machinery in Denkoy industrial field located in the boundaries of Denizli. Towards 2000 the textile sector in the area became weaker because of the global and local crisis on the other hand the natural stone sector has grown rapidly. The boom in the embryo industry bred an excess demand mostly depended on importer policies: To meet the increasing demand Zimek Machine Industry swung into action of machine manufacturing by producing marble and travertine processors in 2000.

Zimek made a special feature of machine manufacturing focused on natural stone processing machinery and we got our feet wet with cutting machinery. Later on, our foundation started to manufacture calibrating and polishing line and while doing this Zimek has preferred not to diversity the manufacture but preferred to gain expert knowledge on calibrating and polishing lines.

Zimek, the specialised agency, has proved itself in the area of natural stone industry and it has gone places in Turkey by considering the importance of qualified service and customer satisfaction. Besides being the pacemaker of its sector in Turkey, Zimek makes a name for itself as respectable firm in 16 countries it works with. To sum up, thanks to the both its production quality and its service after sales Zimek is a market guide company preferred by national and international business concerns.


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