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Zimek Machineryry and Marble

Zimek Machineryryry started its activities with the production of textile machines in the factory established in Denkoy Industrial Area (Denizli) in 1995. In 2000 with local and global crises, the textile industry in Denizli has lost its old power, whereas the natural stone sector has started to develop and grow rapidly.

This momentum caught in the natural stone industry, accompanied by a demand for Foreign-dependent machines. Zimek started to produce 'Marble and Travertine Processing Machines in 2000 to meet this demand and to save our sector's natural stone producers from monopolies of foreign machine producers. Zimek first started production in the class of sizing machines. Later on, our company started to produce Calibrating and polishing lines and did not enlR&D its product range and chose to specialize in 'Polishing and Sizing'.

Zimek, which is specialized in its own class, has never lost its quality product - quality service line and became a proven and reputable brand in natural stone sector in a short period of time. Today, besides being a pioneering organization which directs the country's marble sector, by exporting its machines to 21 countries, Zimek makes mention of its name in the international field aswell. Zimek is a pioneering establishment highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers with its product quality as well as after-sales services.

Zimek Stone Processing Technology